An Ironclad Commitment to Safety and Health

Safety Benefits Everyone

Safety is paramount at Miller Fabrication Solutions. Maintaining a safe and healthful work environment isn’t just an idea; it’s our top priority. Eliminating or controlling both known and potential safety and health hazards is a responsibility shared by all management, supervisors, shop floor and administrative personnel, each and every day.

This approach involves the planning and execution of a comprehensive Safety and Health System that includes, but is not limited to, the following components:

  • Initial and ongoing employee training
  • Routine department and self-inspections
  • Frequent metal fabrication safety communications and audits
  • Departmental employee first responders
  • Hazard/pattern analyses
  • Administrative/work practice/engineering controls
  • Mandated usage of personal protective equipment
  • Occupational screening services and exposure monitoring

A safe environment is a productive environment. And only a productive environment can deliver the quality level you should expect from Miller Fabrication Solutions.


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